Club History

Shepley Oval.

The club was formed in 1908 as the Glen Waverley Cricket Club. We became the Waverley Cricket Club in 1961. As the Waverley Cricket Club, we were admitted to the Victorian Cricket Association competition in season 1974-75. At the same meeting, the Dandenong Cricket Club and Ringwood Cricket Club were nominated to join the competition. Dandenong missed out.

In 1989 we moved to Dandenong and merged with the Dandenong (Sub-District) Cricket Club. The Dandenong Sub-District club was formed in the early sixties after being involved in the local Dandenong competition.

With the merger of VCA Waverley CC with the Dandenong Sub-District club the club was named the Waverley-Dandenong Cricket Club in its first year at Dandenong in 1989, and then through renaming became the Dandenong Waverley Cricket Club in 1992 and the Dandenong Cricket Club in 1994.

Our headquarters are at Shepley Oval Dandenong which is used for all 1st and 2nd X1 matches. Shepley Oval is adjacent to Wilson Oval which is utilised for the conduct for all of our 3rd and 4th eleven matches throughout the season.

Shepley Oval is named after Harry Shepley, who was an excellent sporting administrator and business administrator after arriving in Dandenong at the age of 31 to manage a factory.

The area of Dandenong Park, now known as Shepley Oval was set aside as crown land for recreational purposes in 1881, and by 1976 was owned by council with the ability to grant leases.  A grandstand was opened on 1 May 1959.

Dandenong's major sporting teams played on it from 1881 until the early 1900s. Among the early teams was a women's cricket team, the "Sunflowers".

Major sport was played at the site of the current market until the late 1960's when the market expanded. Football and cricket moved to an upgrade Shepley oval.

It seems as though the naming occurred in the 50s, probably just after Harry's death.  In 1957 a pair of gates that had been removed from the Springvale Crematorium were purchased and installed at Shepley oval where they stil remain.

Perhaps most famously, the powerful Dandenong VFA team, known as the Dandies and later as the Redlegs won several premierships there. Jim "Frosty" Miller their sharpshooting star.

Dandenong Cricket Club won its first Division one Pennant in March 2007 and followed up with their second in 2010-2011 in one of the most famous victories in Premier Cricket history.

At the Annual General Meeting in June 2017, the members of the DCC and the Dandenong Womens Cricket Club voted unanamously to merge going forward, commencing a new, exciting chapter in our history.

 The Dandenong Cricket Club has at the end of the 2017/2018 been an affiliated member club of Cricket Victoria for the past 45 years.


1948 Mr Norman Chivers (dec)
1950 Mr Gorden Chivers (dec)
1957 Mr Jim Bailey
1957 Mr Ern Wilson
1958 Mr Russell Chivers (dec)
1958 Mr Reg Patterson
1959 Mr Les Gunther
1960 Mrs Jim Bailey
1960 Mr Doug Luscombe
1960 Mr Alf Evans (dec)
1964 Mr “Bon" Izzard (dec)
1964 Mr Arthur Tweddle (dec)
1964 CR Jim Sampson (dec)
1964 Mr Jack Smith
1964 Mr Arthur Hicks
1966 Mr Greg Dickson (dec)
1966 Mr Ray Harris (dec)
1966 Mr Jim Reid
1966 Mr Les Vagg
1967 Mr Arthur Marks
1968 Mr Ron Saunders
1968 Mr Allen Weeks
1969 Mr Mick Cooper (dec)
1969 Mr Len Griffin (dec)
1970 Mr Keith Lording (dec)
1971 Mr Gordan Symons
1971 Mr Allen Dennis
1973 Mr Val Fiedler (dec)
1973 Mr George Reid
1974 Mr Dick Aisbett
1975 CR Keith Miller (dec)
1975 Mr Ian McDonald
1975 Mr Graeme Way
1976 Mrs Rosslyn Casson
1976 Mr Don Cram
1976 Mr John Fordham (dec)
1976 Mr Bert Guy
1976 Mr Roy Hamilton (dec)
1976 Mrs Bev Mack
1976 Mr Peter Schonewille
1976 Mrs Joyce Vagg (dec)
1977 Mr Ben Boardman (dec)
1977 Mr Graham Casson
1977 Mr Ian Johnson
1977 Mr Monty Mack
1977 Mr Jim Nicola
1978 Mr Stewart Tansley
1979 Mr Bruce Whalebone
1980 Mr David Allen
1981 Mr Gary Jobling
1981 Mr Les Allen O.B.E
1982 Mr Ken Gill
1982 Mr Fred Pereira (dec)
1982 Mr Geoff Schonewille
1983 Mr Jack Williams
1984 Mr Ron Healy
1985 Mr Harold Parker
1988 Mrs Heather Pereira (dec)
1989 Mrs Lois McBurney
1990 Mr Derek Jennison
1991 Mr John Chambers
1993 Mr Craig Davenport
1996 Mr Bruce Davenport (dec)
1996 Mr Michael Hewitt
1997 Mr Brendan McArdle
2002 Mr Doug Nielsen
2002 Mr Matthew Lawrence
2004 Mr Des Nolan
2005 Mr Ross Hepburn
2006 Mr Tim Hooper, Mr James Prendergast
2010 Mr Paul Boraston, Mr Damien Bulakowski, Mr Darren Pattinson
2011 Mr Michael Findlay
2013 Mr Peter Siddle, Mrs Helen Findlay

2015 Mr Frank Holohan, Mr Dennis Smith

2016  Mr. Michael Sweeney, Mr. Peter Sweeney & Mr. Don Stoker