Liz Williamson Life Membership
Date of Event Dandenong Cricket Club : Thu May 12, 2022 9:10PM

At the Presentation Night for the 2021/22 season, Liz Williamson was awarded life membership for her efforts at our Club. Liz has shown a lifelong love of cricket and a genuine care for those involved in it. Parkfield Cricket Club was just around the corner from where she grew up and 50 metres from where she played tennis. It wasn’t just the handsome young men that attracted her to the Club, although this turned out to be a key factor, but her extended family and school friends were also there. She became Secretary for 3 years and also took on a role as junior co-ordinator at Parkfield. When Liz’s sons, Jarryd and Ryan started playing at Berwick, she once more jumped in to help out as junior co-ordinator at the biggest junior club in the DDCA as well as joining the committee.


In 2011 we found ourselves without an Administration Manager and knowing the good work she was doing, we approached Liz to do it. Eventually she agreed but would not leave Berwick until she had found a replacement and successfully mentored the new person. So, as is typical, she did both for a couple of seasons. Since then, Liz has made herself our most valuable and respected asset. As well as handling the administrative role with aplomb and developing a well earned reputation throughout the competition, she has enhanced several other roles. She is the go-to for everything, when in doubt, ask Liz! She has taken on the organisation of and ensured professionalism of our Academies, the supply of uniforms and the Dowling competition.


Liz’s afternoon teas are a thing of legend, and has led the way by championing the McGrath Foundation Breast Cancer Day and involvement in other social causes. She is also at the forefront of organising social nights and the number of people she knows in the general cricket community is amazing. Liz has brought a much more professional approach to the way we run the Club, and is not afraid to poke or prod a player, committee or volunteer if needed. But, what makes Liz stand out is her care and regard for those around the Club. Her desire to work to improve all things off-field and her ability to foster the positive development of our players is why she is such a valued member of Dandenong Cricket Club.


Congratulations Liz on receiving life membership.

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